A lacquering and creative artist, Olga Aloy is one of only a very few westerners working with natural lacquer.
«Urushi» in Japan and «Qi» in China, lacquer is the sap from a tree called Rhus Vernicifera that grows in the Far East. The first records we have of its use date from some 5000 years BC. This substance was used as a protective coating at the outset, but then became an art, «the art of a substance and of a craft», as Bernard Dunand has written of it.
Following her discovery of this material at the Massana School in Barcelona, she completed her training in Japan under the leading masters of this art. Her jewellery and other creations have received many awards at international exhibitions. European First upon being awarded the «Gold Prize» at the Ishikawa International Urushi Design Exhibition in Japan. Board member of the «World Urushi Culture Council», professor at state arts and crafts schools. She has been commissioned by leading jewellers and trademarks to make special pieces for them.

Her passion for objects with a «soul» has led her to create exceptional pens, as fruits of her know-how allied to the contribution of highly skilled craftsmen. Natural lacquer lends that extra breath of life that industry lacks, concealing its power beneath a semblance of fragility, while the archaic nature of its processes here becomes a virtue.
Each pen is unique, each model being limited to a production of nine items.

The technical parts are made under Olga’s responsibility and control by specialist chosen not only for their mastery but also for being supporters of the «exceptional items» principle.

In the Paris region, Olga Aloy limited editions are on sale exclusively at POINT PLUME - 21 rue Quentin Bauchard - Paris 75008.

For any information concerning distribution outside Paris and internationally, please contact us by e-mail at: